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The goal of ColdLeaf Nutrition LLC. is to provide everyone with a healthier option, naturally promoting health, wellness and a happier life. Our brand stands out from the rest because we use natural ingredients in our products, and health conscious people want a healthier alternative to relieve pain as well as a live a healthier lifestyle.

Consuming too little calcium not only heightens your risk for poor bone health, but it may also contribute to—or cause—joint pain. In addition to the inclusion of a calcium supplement, aim for a calcium-rich diet that includes peanuts and almonds. Happen to be dairy-free or allergic to nuts? Kale, collard greens, broccoli (and broccoli rabe), soybeans, figs, white beans and tinned fish—such as sardines and canned salmon—all pack in a powerful punch of this fundamental mineral.

Likewise, shoot to increase your vitamin D intake through vitamin-D dense foods (like mackerel, salmon, citamin D-fortified cereal and milk, eggs, shitake mushrooms and orange juice). Further, get in the sun a couple of times a week—a mere ten to fifteen minutes can help your body synthesize the D it needs.

Regular exercise also increases blood flow—which, in turn, supplies the synovial membrane with oxygen and nourishment—releases toxins, and strengthens the vital tissues surrounding your joints, including muscles, tendons and ligaments. And don’t forget about the power and importance of lifting weights: Joint instability can be the root cause of some osteoarthritis due to ligament laxity, and creating stronger muscles and structural support for your joints will help them last longer—and not suffer as much from the wear and tear of basic living. Exercise is critical to optimal health—including the health of your joints. Chief among the many benefits of physical exercise is the lubrication physical activity offers your joints.

Many people are slaves to their desks, spending hours hunched over their computers and giving rise to the term “office knee”—joint pain that’s caused by not moving (which is the antithesis of what humans are meant to do).

While you can’t work on spreadsheets while running a trail, you can take steps to ensure that your work station is working optimally for your physical body.

Turmeric—that potent spice that stars in Thai, Indian, Pakistani and Persian cuisine—isn’t just a delicious addition to your dinner: Curcumin, its primary active compound (and the spice that turns curry yellow), has been used in Auyrevedic medicine for centuries. An antioxidant that shields cells from the normal but detrimental process of oxidation, it may also help to support joint health.

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